Distributing hdtv around your home made easy with   matrices

This solution is a simple way to share your Blu-ray players, Satellite TV, Apple TV, Chromcast, Amazon Fire TV, CCTV cameras and media players around your home. Watch whatever you want, where ever you want.

With cutting edge features that are pure genuis!

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 makes it easy to share your HDMI devices around the home, it’s designed to be easy to setup and is connected to the cloud to stay up to date


Video distribution usually means you need a 3rd party control system like ELAN, Crestron, AMX or RTI to control where video is sent,

with genius this is built in, you can use your mobile or tablet to access your Games Console or Satellite TV

The genius matrices work well with these control systems, but can also be used on their own!

How It Works

Consolidate all your source devices in one place, but access them anywhere in the house

All of your source devices (Satellite TV, Xbox, Playstation, Blu-ray player) are connected directly to the genius matrix, then connect our PoE receiver baluns via Cat5e cable (or better) around your home directly to the TVs


Genius is constantly improving, see our latest features