Installer cloud Monitoring Portal

It’s important  to us that your genius™  matrix functions perfectly all of the time, to help us do this, every genius matrix keeps in contact with our installer remote cloud management service. You can tell if this is working by checking the Monitored LED light on the front of your genius™ matrix.

If you get stuck, your installer can log into our remote cloud monitoring portal from any PC around the world and see helpful diagnosis information, fix problems remotely, do firmware updates or tell you where you may have gone wrong with the system.

All of this is offered to the installer at no extra cost!

If genius™ has a problem, we are alerted too and can contact your installer to give them a step-by-step guide to help them to quickly get you up and running again.

See the testimonial below to see how this has helped some PhD installers and their customers.

Advantages of the Installer Cloud monitoring Portal:

  • Diagnose and repair problems remotely without travelling to the jobsite
  • Check all installed Genius equipment and projects from one dashboard
  • Check if matrix is online or how long it has been offline for
  • Check cable distances between the matrix and the receive balun behind the TV
  • Check damaged twisted pairs on the cable
  • Check interference the cable down to the twisted pair
  • Change each Source input EDID
  • Reboot the matrix
  • See which inputs are working or where they are playing
  • Initiate firmware updates.
  • Get drivers, manuals and software
  • Get Technical News updates