Genius Local Web Interface

Every genius™ matrix has a built in local web interface, we call this our geniOS™.

On the local network, you can access the geniOS™ interface from any device, be it smartphone, tablet, mac or pc with a web browser.

It also allows you easy access to setup and diagnostic features.

Simply pick up your smartphone and drag and drop your source to your room, then press on the icon next to the room to reveal the transport control for the *source. You can also easily select other sources from this page.

Monitor what is being viewed in each room and hide devices from certain rooms.

With geniOS™ it is so convenient and easy to use.

Simply control what you want to watch and where you would like to watch it!

** the genius 4×4 LITE matrix only has CEC display control and will not control CEC sources. All other Genius matrices will control CEC displays and sources

Advantages of the local web interface:

  • EASY setup using any web browser on a phone/tablet or PC
  • Easy control for the end user: just drag the source to the display using any web browser on a phone/tablet or PC
  • *CEC control: Web control of the Source and /or TV over HDMI using the web interface or 3rd party control systems like : ELAN, Control4,Crestron etc…..
  • Learn IR from your TV remote control to enable easy matrix switching from your room
  • *Use the TV remote control to control your CEC enabled Source without a control system.
  • Reboot system using any web browser on a phone/tablet or PC
  • Easily interface with Bang & Olufsen to control your matrix
  • Setup diagnostics: The web interface allows you to diagnose problems onsite in real time:
  • Read EDID from Displays and Sources
  • Check cable distances between the matrix and the receive balun behind the TV
  • Check damaged twisted pairs on the cable
  • *Check interference in Real time on the cable down to the twisted pair
  • Change each Source input EDID
  • Check IR receiver interference in real time.
  • *Check Ir emitter port status in real time
  • Check matrix temperature