About Us

Manufactures of reliable, cutting edge ,innovative and leading edge HDMI technology products, software and solutions.

Premium High Definition Solutions (PhD Solutions) is a company with a wide range of HDMI high definition connectivity products which are distributed to dealers around the world to provide solutions for digital signage, commercial, broadcast, residential, audio visual, IT, healthcare and security markets.

The product line was developed to fill a gap in the market for high quality, reliable products at a mid-market price points.

Our team of factory engineers are involved in manufacturing, research and development. They have over two decades of experience and expertise in signal processing, switching, conversion and distribution. OEM manufacturing is also done for many other prominent companies and brands around the world.
We are always pushing the technological boundaries and continuously come up with new and innovative products and solutions.

As a leading high definition connectivity product distributor we provide our dealers & distributors around the world with the best possible service, training and after sales support allowing them to confidently implement high quality leading edge solutions for their clients at the right price points.

Our no compromise build and quality assurance processed have ensured that our customers receive products and solutions that you can rely on.
Our products have proven themselves over several years in Africa in some of the harshest electrical storm environments and now confidently installed and trusted by installers in the region..

The PhD story

We found that HDMI is not a straight forward easy to implement technology. There are many problems that occur with HDMI when you try and extend, split or switch it to multiple display.

Our name comes from the PhD doctorate – “ It sometimes seems like you need doctorate to understand HDMI”

It actually stands for Premium high Definition – All our products and technologies are developed to make the life of the installer easier and the products and solutions more reliable for the end user.
At PhD Solutions we have lived and breathed HDMI since it began. We understand the technology and challenges and are able to help our dealers and distributors implement reliable solutions.