genius™ Technology that will blow your mind !

PhD (Premium High Definition) Solutions launches 3 new matrix models with incredible new technology.

Some say its pure genius™!

The Powered by geniOS ™ products feature an amazing range of features that have taken 4 years of hardware and software development to bring to market ” world first” products that will change how HDMI is distributed-controlled and monitored.

At the core of genius™ matrix is geniOS™, the beating heart of our 340Mhz video processing unit. Providing you with instant access to all of your connected source devices in stunning **Ultra HD 4K, 1080p or 3D.

This powerhouse helps to create a “just works”solution, from dynamically generating EDIDs (to ensure the best video quality to every TV) right through to handling software updates for the HDBaseT™ link. With one goal in mind – giving you the best possible video distribution system in the world.


Accessing the web interface on any of products is really easy. There is no app to install and it will work on any device that has a web browser. From your favourite device that is connected to the same network as your product simply enter in your browser. It will automatically send you to the web interface and display the right interface for your device.

It’s that simple!


You can easily program the matrix to respond to different IR codes, it’s simple to do via our built in web interface. Just point the any IR remote ( for example your Samsung TV remote) at an IR receiver and press the key. Each key is memorised for you to assign to an account, be it routing video to your display or sending a control message to a connected device.


We want to give you the best experience possible, to do this, we think it’s important you can access geniOS™ from any device, be it mobile, tablet or laptop, and in any browser. We’ve done this with our responsive design, so it works with you and not the other way round. Our web interface is built directly on top of our REST/API, this means that whatever you can do on your phone, you can get your control system to do also and vice versa. There are no hidden tricks or special codes that are required to get it to work. All of our documentation is free and available on our monitoring site.


It’s important that you get video all the time, to help us do that every genius matrix keeps in contact with our cloud management service. You can tell if this is working with the Monitored LED on the front of the matrix. If you get stuck,your installer can log into our cloud portal and see helpful diagnosis information, fix problems remotely or tell you where you may have gone wrong during the installation.

All of this is free of charge! If genius™ has a problem, we are alerted too and can contact you to give you a step-by-step guide to get you up and running again.


CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a universal control bus found in HDMI equipment.

It allows a user to effortlessly control their viewing experience with a single remote control. With no setup required, it is the ideal way to provide control between TV and source equipment.

Our hardware and software technology allows you to build exciting new user experiences on top of hardware that does not already have support directly for HDMI-CEC. This includes most motherboards found in Home Theatre PCs (HTPC) and Digital Signage equipment. Hundreds of companies already use our software to improve their products and tens of thousands of users improve their home viewing experience with our hardware adapters.


Where anyone can control their viewing experience with a single device, effortlessly and without any initial setup. libCEC brings us closer to that dream, supporting all known vendor implementations of HDMI-CEC and allowing multiple vendors to coexist and work effortlessly.

libCEC is an enabling platform for the CEC bus in HDMI, it allows products to interact with other HDMI devices without having to worry about the communication overhead, handshaking, and the various ways of sending a message for each vendor. libCEC is included in all of our Powered by genius video matrix solutions as standard, thus ensuring there are no problematic setups and enabling a simple approach to connecting various branded devices through a single matrix.

libCEC was developed over several years while working at the heart of the HDMI technical body, with over 80 of the world’s leading electronics companies. As one of the major contributors to the HDMI Forum (a body set up to lead the development of the HDMI specification) these companies turn to the genius™ development team as a world leader in HDMI-CEC domain knowledge to help drive forward the future development of this exciting technology.


Stay in control & Connected !

We understand that an end user never sees our product, but it’s one of the most important in an installation. When they can’t get a picture on a TV it’s the first thing everyone blames.

Often it’s not the matrix’s fault and when you get to site after clearing your entire diary that afternoon to see the installation you quickly realise that the satellite box is just in standby…

How do you handle user error? Do you invoice them for an afternoon callout to push the on button or do you admit defeat and try and remind them to check if the device is turned on before calling you next time and say “don’t worry, no charge!” in the hope of an improved relationship and additional work in the future?

It’s a common scenario that we’ve come across time and time again and heard all too often.

With genius™ we wanted to be smarter and provide a way for you to know what is happening at an installation without the need to deploy expensive monitoring equipment on-site. Every hour, genius™ phones home to our cloud network. It tells us which room is watching which input and what that input is doing, if it’s receiving content from that satellite box and if the TV in the room the end user is trying to watch it on is even turned on! Historical data is tracked so abnormal behaviour can be found to avoid the site visit. This information is available for freeto installers only via your own personalised monitoring portal, accessible from anywhere in the world. Avoid the need to make an expensive house call to fix a simple issue and carry on with your hectic day.


Another common issue we’ve heard about is a new installation going wrong straight after you’ve finished. You go back to site and find after 3 days of investigation (and lots of wasted cost) that the builder came back after you finished and put a nail through your neatly laid network cable or they wrapped an electrical cable around a wall plate. With our monitoring platform, genius™ will report on the cable and termination quality for every HDBaseT™ link. It’s possible to find out where in a cable run the problem is (how many meters along) or which one (or more) of the pairs are not terminated correctly. This can save hours of wasted investigation, what’s better is its all free and available across our entire Powered by geniOS ™product line


Every genius™ matrix is designed, manufactured and tested in the UK giving the product dependable build quality and reliable switching performance. Every system undergoes a rigorous 3 day soak test before dispatch, ensuring what you receive is ready for prime time viewing. All genius™ matrices carry a 3 year Warrantee.


Drivers are available for all major control systems including AMX, Bitwise, Crestron, Control 4, ELAN , NEETS, RTI, SAVANT and URC. All CEC features are exposed in the certain drivers, which allows you to create powerful control experiences.


Most TV’s now support CEC and we are world experts in CEC technology, with our libCEC and USB-CEC Adapters, so we’ve baked that technology into genius™ matrices. Now you can just use your normal TV remote ( **The TV must be CEC enabled) and press the “Source” key and each of your input devices will be listed, just select the one you want and the matrix will route the video automatically, even if the source does not support CEC itself. If however, the source device does support CEC, then you can continue to control it via your normal TVremote control as Neo will automatically relay the necessary messages to your source device.


In the UK, Sky (one of the main satellite TV providers) recently added CEC support, the way they did it was pretty interesting – simply press the “Sky” button and your TV turned on and so did the Sky+ HD box. This gave us the idea that we could do this with Neo.

With Instant On, simply press the Sky button in any room and Neo will detect this, turn the TV on and switch the video path to the Sky+ HD box without the need for you to press anything else. But we go one step further, if you have more than one Sky+

HD box connected to matrix then we will intelligently detect which Sky+ HD box is not in use and route this to your TV. Don’t worry if you are not in the UK, Instant On can be customised for just about any collection of source devices.

So smart its pure genius™!